CPAP Breathing Machine

I’ve been using the breathing machine for my sleep apnea since Thursday evening, and I think it’s a success. I feel much better rested now and able to concentrate. The mask part of the machine is somewhat annoying; I can’t read before falling asleep because I can’t wear my glasses, and I have to take my earrings out because they’re in the way. But I’m slept much more soundly.

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  1. Jaq

    RJM also noticed a major improvement from the beginning with the CPAP machine. You only have to have the thing on your face when you’re sleeping, not when you’re simply in the bed. Can you not put it on until you hit the lights?
    Also, “The Promise of Sleep” by William Dement is a good resource and not a bad read about CPAPs and apnea and the hazards of driving when you think you really aren’t that tired.

  2. Steph Mineart

    I tend to read myself into sleep, so putting it on when I hit the lights isn’t working great for me. By that time, I’m so sleepy that I can’t remember how to put it on. Or if I put it on earlier, I tend to lay awake for a while with it on. Maybe it just requires me finding the right rhythm.

  3. Mr. Mylin Mamuzich

    I have been using a C-Pap for three years now. I just had another study done and the Dr. wants me to increase my pressure from 13 to 15. My problem is I don’t have the booklet for this machine. It is a Devilbiss 9000, if you know how to help me I would appreciate your assitance.

  4. David Coster

    If you want a mask that allows you to read while falling to sleep go to

  5. Gerry

    I have just been started on the cpap machine as of Friday night, on a trial basis. How long will it take before I feel refreshed and less inclined to fall asleep during the day? The fatigue is interfering with my life on all levels.

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