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I haven’t blogged about anything personal for a while, so I’d better catch up. This past weekend I started work on the walkway from the patio to the parking area. I got most of the channel dug out where they sand and pavers will go. Still a bit more to dig out, then sand and laying pavers. I’ll be happy to get this done, and to move on to the insulation stuff I need to do before it gets too cold.
Stephanie has started Winter Club recently, which means in addition to skating in the mornings at Fishers, she skates on Tuesdays, & Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons at the Coliseum.
Next weekend (October 23& 24th) is nBeast, a volkswagen car show in Virginia. We’ll be driving Phoebe down for the show. Should be a lot of fun.
I’m kind of sad that a lot of my friends who are bloggers, like Lori B. and Melissa, haven’t blogged much lately. I miss hearing from them.

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