Chihuahua/Shih Tzu Mix dog is Smallest in World

According to this article… A British woman is claiming to be the owner of the world’s smallest dog. Tiny Tim is still a puppy but his owner Mandy Marks said he has not grown since he was 4 weeks old. At four inches tall at the shoulder, he is the smallest dog on record.

He’s cute. But he doesn’t have anything on my Chihuahua/Shih Tzu Mix:

Hi mom!

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  1. sharlana

    i have a chihuahua/ shitzu cross at my house and it is very small.

  2. christina

    Im looking at buying a mixed shih Tzu and chihuahu and i was wondering if they get very big, and is there still alot of maintance to keep them up like a full breed shih Tzu. Could you send me pics if anyone has one? Thanks, Christina

  3. Meagan

    I have one of those,his name is Jago and he is very very playful.

  4. BJ

    Hi I just got a Chihuahua/Shih Tzu Mix who’s name is Gismo. I find him to be a breath of fresh air when I return home after work. He is indeed very small but he makes up for it with his big heart. I also have two other dogs a Lab & Chow mix and a Japanese Chin which gives me a variety of sizes in my house from medium to small and smaller.

  5. Ruth Ann Choban

    I was looking for a Chihuahua/shih tzu
    I think they are very cute I was womdering if they are easy ro train and if they are well behaved?

  6. Ruth Ann Choban

    I was looking for a chihuhua/shih tzu I was wondering if they was easy to train and if they was easy to train? I think they are very cute.

  7. Steph

    I can only speak about my dog, but he’s really easy to train and has always been well-behaved. He’s very low maintenance and easy going. Doesn’t bark much (unless he thinks there’s something threatening the house) and is generally cheerful and fun.

  8. megan

    I have a chihuahua shih Tzu. I love her she is very easy train very smart and lovable and is not as hard to groom. But what I want to know is what do you call them for short? Like putting the too names together?

  9. James

    ShiChi is what they are called.

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