Salem and Baxter

Our new kitten Salem was born on August 15th, and we adopted him on October 15th.


Our new puppy Baxter was born on November 29th, and we adopted him on February 2nd. His mom is a Corgi. We’re not sure about dad. He may have been a spaniel? We think that’s possible because of the fur coat and ears. He looks like other Corgi/spaniel mixes on the internet.

Adoption Day for Baxter

Drusilla passed away on April 1st. She had lots of health issues and got very sick after an infection. Spike left us earlier in the year, and we said goodbye to Huckleberry on my birthday last year. We’ve had a tough year with pet deaths. It’s been really interesting to deal with kittens and puppies after having adult pets. They have a lot of energy. And potty training is tough.

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Barkley McBarkerson

Barkley McBarkersom
Spike has turned up the volume on telling the neighbors to stay away from his yard lately. He’s making my “he’s so low maintenance” claims out to be false, the little goofball. I know he’s going to turn eight this month, but he’s too young to turn into a grouchy old man yelling at the kids to get off his lawn.

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Spike health update


I didn’t mention it here yet, but the other thing I’ve been doing all week is looking after my dog Spike. I little while ago, we discovered a small tumor on his neck, and on Tuesday, I took him in for surgery to have it removed. He’s been under the weather ever since; the incision is pretty uncomfortable and he’s having trouble lying around and some difficulty eating, too. He kept fussing with the incision, so I took him back to the doctor and we got antibiotics and steroids to help him heal. I’m glad I was home to look after him; he needed help and lots of attention. And delicious treats.

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