Customer "Support" At A Phone Company

From: Jay Sekora

I work in Boston, Massachusetts. A co-worker just told me this true story that happened to him this morning. He had a dispute about a phone-card bill for long distance service from his long-distance carrier, which we shall refer to by the three-letter acronym TLA to protect the guilty. Towards the end of his very long and unproductive call he was starting to get exasperated, and the following (paraphrased) exchange ensued.

("CW" = my co-worker; "TLA" = TLA’s front-line customer support; "SUP" = TLA support supervisor.)

CW: Look, it’s 9:20, I’m late for work, and I need to get this resolved.

TLA: It’s not 9:20; it’s only 7:30.

CW: Where are you located?

TLA: I’m in Colorado.

CW: Well, I’m in New England, and here it’s 9:20.

TLA: Oh, *that’s* your problem! Your phone card doesn’t work overseas.

CW: I’m in *New* England, I’m not overseas!

TLA: Yes you are; your phone card doesn’t work in England.

CW: Listen, can I talk to your supervisor?

[Pause, pause. The supervisor comes on the line.]

SUP: Hey, are you calling from Great Britain?

*Sigh*. And not only did he not get his billing problem straightened out, but they charged him for what was supposed to be a toll-free call to their support line.

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