What the NSA Data Mining really means

Graphpaper.com has an interesting series of articles on what the real implications of the NSA datamining program really are for average Americans and their privacy and freedom from government abuse. The polls are showing that people seem unconcerned about data mining — until they actually have data mining explained to them, and they start to realize exactly how vulnerable to abuse they are as a result.

NSA Data Mining 1: If you aren’t against it, then you don’t really understand it.

NSA Data Mining 2: So you think you have nothing to hide?

NSA Data Mining 3: Wiretaps? Maybe not. Stakeouts? Definitely.

NSA Data Mining 4: Total Information Awareness, Resurrected

One of the major points he illustrates is that even if you’re innocent, you can get caught up in a government investigation if anyone arround you is suspicious — and he’s got some social networking charts to show you exactly what that could mean.

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