Andrew Sullivan’s bizarre logic about Spain

Silly Andrew is making the argument that the liberal win in Spain was a victory for al Qaeda. Of course that’s ridiculous (see below) but the really bizarre thing is that he’s suggesting that it will lead to a major Al Qaeda attack in the US in an attempt to influence the election. If the ridiculousness of that isn’t obvious to you, let me point it out…. if there’s another major Al Qaeda attack in the U.S., then George Bush shouldn’t just be voted out of office, he should be impeached and escorted out of there under armed guard. He’s making the case for being the rock of safety in times of danger. Nevermind that he presided over the worst national security disaster in recent memory. If he can allow another major attack, then of course he shouldn’t be there. He should have been kicked out in October of 2001.

Here’s the logic (and it’s sound logic, too) behind the thinking of the Spanish voters — the Spanish government (and the US, too) should have been pursuing Al Qaeda all along, instead of engaging in an unrelated, unneccesary war in Iraq. If the government had been paying the attention to bin Laden and not Saddam, there wouldn’t have been a massive train bombing. So they put people in office who will focus on the correct thing, instead of the thing that make George Bush’s pockets richer at the expense of the safety of the rest of the world.

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