What Palin reminded me of

Palin’s cutesy “You betchas” and folksy expressions were painful to watch. I thought Tina Fey’s “finger guns” were a bit over when I first saw her impression, but after watching the debate last night, they were dead on, and a really damning impression.

As one commenter said on the MSNBC poll – “It’s like going to a job interview, ignoring all questions asked of you, winking at the interviewer, and reciting poems.”

Reminded me of this episode of the West Wing — the “Crime. Boy, I don’t know” bullshit of the faux Republican candidate on that show…

“You’ve turned being unengaged into a zen-like thing, and you shouldn’t enjoy it so much, is all.”

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  1. Rachel

    Gods I loved that fucking show. Made me cry almost every episode. The debate ep is a classic.

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