Biden debates McCain because Palin didn’t show up

I’ll have more commentary in the morning, but that was my initial impression of the debate — Biden took on McCain on every single answer because Palin didn’t bother to actually answer any of the questions, and instead fell back on buzz words and drivel and cutesy, folksy nonsense.

I thought it was a clear win for Biden, and he did a really nice job.

My Debate Twitters, In order….

I’m playing the Surge and McCain cards.

answer the question asked, damn it.

This woman be plumb crazy.

Tina Fey is hot because she has an actual brain. (This was to answer the discussion of why Tina Fey is hot but Palin isn’t hot at all.)

Biden is debating McCain because Palin isn’t even there.

Did she just say that she respects women’s rights? Then support the right to choose, bitch.

I LOVE it that he’s bringing up Spain. That was a major gaffe on McCain’s part that he hasn’t been beaned with enough.

OMGWTFBBQ? What is she fucking talking about?

I think Gwen is just asking this because she enjoys hearing Palin pronounce “nuclear” wrong over and over.
Another non-answer, and going back to blather about Alaska to cover.

It’s so lovely to hear actual answers from Biden.

Oh, Gwen’s going back to the VP power issue. Fraught with danger. (For Palin, I meant). No the constitution ISN’T flexible. Crazy bitch.

She asked what your flaw is, crazy woman. Not where your qualities lie.

Maybe she doesn’t know what an Achilles heel is.

@dan1657 – Alaska is one of the least populous states. It has less population than Indianapolis does.

Shorter Palin – I’m gonna be bi-partisan by… vote for our ticket because were better for you!!

What is she saying? What? Freedom, America, proud, Reagan, children, freedom, fight for it. McCain.

retweeting @ChaserRay: “My sisters had to share a Maverick, and it was a brown piece of shit that wouldn’t start on a cold morning”.

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