What did he say? Nixon? Ummm…

In Arnie’s speech at the Right-wing Nutjob Convention, he invoked Richard Nixon.

I finally arrived here in 1968. I had empty pockets, but I was full of dreams. The presidential campaign was in full swing. I remember watching the Nixon and Humphrey presidential race on TV. A friend who spoke German and English, translated for me. I heard Humphrey saying things that sounded like socialism which is what I had just left. But then I heard Nixon speak. He was talking about free enterprise, getting government off your back, lowering taxes, and strengthening the military. Listening to Nixon speak sounded more like a breath of fresh air.
I said to my friend, “What party is he?” My friend said, “He’s a Republican.” I said, “Then I am a Republican!” And I’ve been a Republican ever since!

Um, Arnie? You do realized that Nixon was a criminal, right? That he was a loathsome and horrible person who went against everything American stands for, right? That his criminal behavior was committed in the course of actively trying to subvert the political process and undermine the American Government, right? That no one thinks good things about him…
Oh, nevermind.

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