Impeach Bush

U.S. intelligence officials now say the administration was lied to by Iraqi �migr�s. That excuse for the U.S. intelligence failure in Iraq would be laughable were the circumstances not so appalling. It means Bush ignored all the cautions of career diplomats and intelligence experts in every branch of the U.S. government over the unsubstantiated word of Iraqi renegades.
Clearly, the administration, from the president on down, did not want expert advice and intelligence that would have undermined its excuse for invading Iraq. This was a shell game from beginning to end in which Americans’ legitimate fear of terrorism after 9/11 was almost immediately and cynically exploited by the neoconservative gang that runs U.S. foreign policy.”
Say it with me now, kids: Impeachment. A criminal lie. A criminal war. Thousands dead. The world’s trust blown away. Please tell me why this man is not already on trial?

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