The Debate in 90 Seconds

The few things that jumped out at me — John McCain does “air quotes” while talking about the health of the mother in emergency abortion situations — so apparently the health of the mother is irrelevant? Wow.

So let me get the Republican position straight here — when I get raped, I’ll be forced to give birth against my will, and if my life is in danger because of the baby I’m forced to breed, let me die so that rape baby can live? Yeah, that pretty much sums up the McCain/Palin position. Which make me want to go get a hysterectomy as a defensive measure, frankly. I don’t want kids — and I damn sure don’t want to be thrown in the McCain/Palin breeding camps when the mad max apocalypse comes here in the next couple months due to Bush/McCain economic policies.

Wow, what was I talking about? Oh, the debate. Yes. Also, did you notice this Obama moment: “I associate with” … list of people…. Dick Lugar… “and these are the people I’ll surround myself with in the White House.” — Did he just name Lugar as a cabinet member? I’m on board with that. Good On.

Also — it’s pretty clear that Walnuts hasn’t been watching YouTube, because actually said “I’m proud of all the supporters at our rallies” – despite half a dozen videos of racist fucks with monkey dolls shouting violent threats, many of which I’ve played here on my blog. You’re proud of those folks? Okay — you get to own them, then.
In general, Walnuts was angry all the time, Obama was cool and collected. Obama wins. Here’s a nice video of Walnuts rolling his eyes and gritting his teeth and being all mad and stuff. Because we need a hothead in the White House right now, ya know.

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