Best of the Worst: McCain Mobs Compiled

Brave New Films and Color of Change have compiled the “best of the worst” video footage of lynch mob-like crowds attending McCain/Palin rallies over the past several weeks, documenting the racism and violent threats.

Color of Change is sending a public letter to their campaign asking them to take responsibility for changing the tone of the rallies they’re putting together, and asking people to rethink their behavior.

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  1. Wil

    At recent rallies, McCain seems to be surprised when people say they are scared of Obama because he is an “Arab” or some other nonsense. It shows how out of touch he is, not only with his own campaign, but with the fear it is creating. It just shows that while McCain has served his country bravely and has done some good things, he isn’t the person for the job. He, like Bush, will depend too much on advisors – never questioning them, never looking beyond the narrow viewpoints of those that want him as president.
    Frankly, I just hope the Secret Service is up to the task should Obama be elected. Wil

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