My commitment to healthcare reform

According to the current political forecasting, it appears that health care reform efforts in congress are failing, and that a health care reform bill will not pass this year.

I’m writing to all of my elected officials to let them know that I expect a health care reform bill to pass this fall. If it doesn’t, I will actively campaign against current officeholders — especially if they vote against a bill, but even if they vote for it and it doesn’t pass.

This is the most important piece of legislation of my lifetime- this change will make a massive difference in my life, and in the economic and health recovery of millions of Americans. It’s not a bill that can be let go or set aside for the future. It needs to be done now and it needs to be done right. Without it, economic recovery isn’t possible, and without it, the broken system currently in place will worsen.

Without health care reform, I will most assuredly not live to old age.

This is personal to me, a critical issue – and I really hope it is to you, as well. Please contact your elected officials and demand that they pass this legislation, and that they do so with the well-being of all Americans foremost in their thoughts.

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  1. Wil

    I’m joining you. Wil

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