Governor Daniels calls Democrats Terrorists

House Democrats in Indiana were concerned about two bills that threatened the rights of Hoosiers; a bill that created an “Inspector General” position for the Governor’s office, which would allow the Governor to appoint his own prosecutor and basically screw up the balance of power between government branches, and a bill requiring voters to present a driver’s license at the polls, which would prevent poor Hoosiers who can’t afford a driver’s license or state ID card from being able to vote.

So they walked out of the House and refused to hear 130 some bills, which killed many of them.

Now the Governor Daniels is calling Democrats terrorists, and accusing them of “car-bombing” his pet legislation, and refusing to apologize for his inflammatory rhetoric.

Of course last year Daniel’s precious Republicans pulled the same “car-bombing” stunt themselves, walking out of the House and killing legislation because they were insisting that their Pro-bigotry and Pro-hate bill on equal marriage rights should be heard. So what Indiana Republicans are saying is that bigotry and hatred are good, and protecting the rights of Hoosiers is bad.

You know what Governor Daniels? If Democrats are “car bombers” then you’re a giant doody-head. (Originally my language was much stronger, but then I decided I shouldn’t try to be a bigger jerk than him).

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