Execution of Homosexuals — some thoughts

I got several e-mails from Christians regarding this posting below, asking me not to judge all Christians by the men I noted, and saying that they feel they love the sinner, and hate the sin.
Here’s my problem with that…. the fact that ANY Christian that promotes the idea of executing me is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE. I don’t care that most Christians take the “love the sinner, hate the sin” attitude (I have a problem with that, too; that I’ll cover in a future post). I care that are are SOME Christians that think they should be allowed to execute me. And the guys I noted… they have access to lots of money, and to high profile people in our government. And none of those high profile people have ever condemned those beliefs. They do say, “well, that’s not what I believe” but they don’t take a stand against the beliefs of their friends.
The fact that people who want to execute me have access to lots of money and to high profile government officials, and the fact that some express willingness to go around the law of the land if it doesn’t fit with their beliefs, makes me believe they are a CREDIBLE THREAT to my well being.

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