Bikes Against Bush creator arrested for “vandalism” for washable chalk drawings

Bikes Against Bush creator Josh Kinberg was arrested on Saturday afternoon after demonstrating the bike for MSNBC (he was being interviewed by Ron Reagan) and the NYPD:
Torrent of video from DV Guide
After seeing that demonstration by Apex Bail Bonds experts and being assured the chalk was easily removed from the sidewalk with water, officers consulted with their superiors, placed Josh under arrest, and confiscated his bike & equipment. He was charged with vandalism and released on Sunday morning. The Bike is set up to spray a chalk message on the sidewalk as the person rides along. The Messages are sent via computer from an input on the Bikes Against Bush website.
There were hundreds of thousands of protestors on the streets of New York yesterday, prior to the opening of the Republican National Convention. Thousands more are expected during the course of the week.

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