The “America-hating left”

A letter I just wrote to David Horowitz, in response to his rabid article “the America-hating left” on Salon:

Mr. Horowitz,
How dare you use the term “America-hating left?” I’m the left you’re talking about, and I LOVE this country; so much that I’m not willing to watch GW Bush attempt to dismantle it under the auspices of a “War on Terror.” How dare you cast aspersions on my patriotism and love of country, or the patriotism of Democratic elected officials? This time, Horowitz, you and your fellow right-wing pundits have gone too far.
The Bush adminstration has totally forgotten the people killed on September 11, or had brutalized them repeatedly by using them as an excuse to curtail our civil liberties, build an unnecessary missile defense system, raid our Social Security and rattle sabers at the entire world. Yes we want to honor the victims of September 11, but those events did not give Bush carte blanche to do anything and everything he wants, and I know that many of those victims would be shocked at the lengths he has gone in their name.
You say regarding Enron: “Its editors are currently featuring… a Nation series attempting to “Enronize” the Bush administration”
What? The Bush Administration “Enronized” ITSELF by stocking the administration with people connected to the corporation–last I heard it wasn’t the staff of the Nation that handpicked an administration for Bush… that was Kenneth Lay. You cannot hide behind the victims of September 11 and hope that no one will notice that corporations are subverting and corrupting our political system and using the Republican party to do it, at the expense of regular tax-paying citizens.
Before we charge around the world attempting to attack an “Axis of Evil” we damned well better get Osama bin Laden and the leaders of Al Quaida, and we damned well better stabilize Afghanistan for the future. Then we need to THINK, let me repeat THINK about what we can do about terrorism in other countries. And we also need to pay a bit of attention to the corporate shenanigans here at home; if that means we impeach a president for being in bed with a corrupt corporation, so be it.

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