New York Times — clueless

The New York Times headline actually reads — I’M NOT KIDDING — “A Modest Victory for Bush, but Challenging Tests Lie Ahead.”
Apparently that’s the headline from Bizarro World, because, um, that filibuster compromise wasn’t a victory for Bush, y’all. Unless you count Bush getting his ass kicked as a “victory.” Which wouldn’t surprise me in a world where Republicans keep telling us that the sky is green and gravity makes stuff float upward, and people believe it.

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  1. dj

    Let’s see. Democrats give the OK for insanely biased conservative judges to rule over the country, and in return, Frist threatens to fight against filibusters AGAIN in the future. Gee, those mighty Democrats, how cunning they are. Not to be rude, but … c’mon.

  2. Steph Mineart

    C’mon yourself. Seriously. Because this was an ass-kicking for both Bush AND Frist, who can shake his caveman club all he wants and threaten whatever, but the fact is that he lost. He’s not going to take out the filibuster, now or ever, and 14 senators served him notice of it.
    We were going to have insanely biased conservative judges no matter what; that was written in the cards on Nov. 3rd. Nothing the Democrats could do would prevent that including filibusters galore.
    Dis the Democrats all you want, but they managed to hold out and bring the moderates to the table and serve a black eye to the extreme end of the Republican party. That is a victory.

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