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You Are: Fool In The Rain
You are a very bizarre person, to say the least. You don’t think the way most other people do.  And you probably don’t really care. You defy convention, and probably really like burritos.  And you’re very content with your life.  You’re a ray of sunshine.  Piercing, bizarre end-of-the-world sunshine, but sunshine nonetheless.  While most people are going to college to be lawyers or accountants or something, you’d be just as happy working at Tippy’s Taco Stand in San Dimas, CA.
You probably have a really interesting car.  You definitely do not drive a Honda Civic.  There’s a good chance that you smoke weed.  There’s a good chance you sell it. Everybody worth anything likes you a lot.
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  1. Holly

    This is what I am some what like, that’s the funny thing about it…

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