Celebrity Meter: Are You Internet Famous?

It doesn’t really say what the hell the number means, but I gather the higher it is, the more famous you are. Me not so much really; my score is 132. Obama is somewhere in the 9,000 range.

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  1. Bil Browning

    Well, we rank about the same – so don’t feel bad! Neither of us is a Barack Obama! 🙂
    I scored a 140

  2. CGHill

    I rate a 30, which seems higher than I could possibly deserve.

  3. Maxine Dangerous

    Ouch. I only rate a 48. Of course, I don’t have Twitter. Not sure what difference that would make. Maybe bump me into the low 50s? 😉

  4. Stephanie

    Twitter probably helps, Max — I scored a 79 and you have way more blog traffic than I do.

  5. kate

    lol i got 3225!! from facebook!!

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