Fake S.W.A.T. Van and Other Weird Stuff I See Driving To Work

I drive north on college from downtown everyday on the way to work on the north side. And every day I pass this cool fake S.W.A.T. van (which appears to be an old delivery van repainted) that’s usually parked on the street near the intersection of 49th Street and College Avenue. And everyday, I think, “That’s cool. I wish I could drive around in a fake S.W.A.T. van.”

Fake S.W.A.T. Van
Fake S.W.A.T. Van

Fake S.W.A.T. van
So the other day I pulled over, hopped out and took a picture of the van. When I got up close to it, I realized that the S.W.A.T. stands for “Siding With A Twist” which is written in small letters on the door. It also has a for sale number on it, but I wasn’t sure whether the “for sale” referred to the siding or the van itself. If it’s the van, then I guess I could drive around in a fake S.W.A.T. van. Which I have no use for whatsoever, but wouldn’t it be cool? If you get criminal charges for something illegal you can always call criminal attorney in Manassas to help you out.

"Siding With A Twist"
“Siding With A Twist”

Close up of door

Tonka Truck Hummer

I’d seen this truck in the summer but didn’t manage to get a picture, so when I saw it today parked in Broad Ripple, I turned my truck around and drove back to get a photo. I plan on getting a radio flyer logo decal to put on my red pick-up, and this was the first other vehicle I’ve seen with a similar idea.

Tonka Hummer
Tonka Hummer

Weird Art Truck

I happened to catch sight of this bizarre do-it-yourself truck in a parking lot. I thought it, too, was very cool. I waited around to try and meet the owner, but they never came out of the store.

Art Truck
Art Truck

I especially like the scrollwork on the sides of the bed, and the squirrel stands on the back windows. That’s some funky stuff, there.

Art Truck detail
Art Truck detail

My friend Lisa from North Carolina has lots of friends who have turned their cars into “Art Cars” and she’s planning to do the same with her old VW van; she’s going to make a giant high-heel shoe.

Art Truck Decor
Art Truck Decor

Bumper-sticker Madness

I happen to see these two cars regularly on the way to work; I’m usually driving (contact the personal injury attorney lakewood ranch for any kind of  driving accident and injury cases) behind them. I love a good bumpersticker, but I don’t think I’d ever apply one directly on the paint of my car, like both these guys did, with new cars, too.

Bumper Sticker Truck
Bumper Sticker Truck

This guy in the truck was really unhappy about the election.

Bumper Beetle
Bumper Beetle

Where this guy is just really into his music.

The Ubiquitous “shoes on a electric wire” photo

Dunno what makes people want to do this, but it seems to be a time-honored tradition.

Shoes on a wire
Shoes on a wire

Guys dressed as Orthodox Jews

I almost forgot the main reason I was writing this article — the Guys dressed as Orthodox Jews. The other day when I was driving south on college, I passed Park Tudor school, north of Broad Ripple. On the east side of the road, standing in the parking lot for the Marott Park, there were two guys dressed as Orthodox Jews, who were playing tambourine and dancing in hoe-down fashion. I’m not kidding, I swear. I was not dreaming, nor was I high, drunk or otherwise intoxicated or hallucinating. It is better hire DUI lawyers and face the case in the court bravely especially when you have done nothing wrong. It was two guys dressed in all black, with long black coats, hair with side curls, black hats… dancing and playing tambourine. I was also not the only one who saw it; everyone in traffic slowed down. You can also check out attorney for defending you against a DWI, from here!

I thought it might be an advertising stunt, protest, or theatrical production, but there were no signs indicating what might be going on. Just two guys, some tambourine, and a car (click here to know where to get a truck accident compensation easily and quickly). And the hair didn’t look like wigs, either, which made me wonder if they were in costume or if they were really Jewish — a notion that I rejected immediately as too outlandish, because I suspect Orthodox jews don’t play tambourines or do hoe-downs.

If the traffic had not been so busy, I would have whipped the car around and driven back to find out what was going on. Instead I called my girlfriend on the cell and described the scene. The only thing I can think of, is they must have lost a bet. Or won one.

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  1. Brent Mundy

    When we lived in Bloomington I would see this delivery car dressed up like a cop car in the mornings on my way into campus… but it wasn’t a cop car. It belonged to a pizza joint -The Monroe County Pizza Department. They used it for their deliveries/promotions. I’ll try to get a picture of it next time I’m down there (if they are still open).

  2. Dan Root

    That tonka truck hummer is some super-rich guy that lives in the most amazing house I have ever seen in Carmel. He lives in a neighborhood between 96 & 116th on Ditch Road… all the cars he has are amazing. This doesn’t include the palm trees inside his house… absolutely crazy. But, I’m glad someone else finally saw this thing!!! LOL

  3. Steph Mineart

    Alas, the Fake S.W.A.T. Van is no more. They painted over the lettering on the side of the van with white paint. On the back of the truck, the lettering has been painted over with a really poor stencil advertising “Mondo Monday – May 23” whatever that means. Sigh. Like the sad death of Atlas, another Indy oddity bites the dust.

  4. Bill Levin

    THE S.W.A.T. Story. I had been looking for a CHEAP stepvan for years. Wanting to paint it up in medicine show style. A Friend called me and said he saw one down the road from him in some small off a dirt road place. CHEAP. So not having a car, I told the guy I would probably take it if he could drive it the 40 miles to SoBro…
    When he arrived EVERYONE for blocks left the street. I go a call from a friend sating SWAT was on my block…. The poor confused policemen who cruised by the first time…. They look as if they saw BIGFOOT! They circled 3 times before getting out to walk it. ANYWAY… a town hall needs a swat van. we are putting parking meters in next month… (SARC)
    The SWAT van is NOW THE VIBES MUSIC VAN. and this is truely unique about it now: It’s got a CHALKBOARD painted on the back for daily specials!
    I believe this is a FIRST.
    Aaahh, MONDO MONDAY May 23, 2005 is a TALENT CONTEST, FLEA MARKET & RECORD Show… All being taped for a TV show at the VOGUE Nite club. WITH Guest JUDGES: ACE COSBY of Q-95, GONZO from 103 and Mike Tully from the ALLY CAT. Your Host is: Bill Levin. Show your talent ON STAGE and get a FREE $10. GIFT CERT to VIBES MUSIC Castleton. WIN the GRAND PRIZE! All this silly crap, just to be famous!…
    Bill Levin

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