Prop 622 information and updates

Your help is needed to get the HRO passed and to stop discrimination.
Task #1 – – Contact your City-County Councillor and tell him/her that discrimination is wrong and that they should support the HRO amendment. Write, call, phone or all three –just do it. Find out who your Councillor is by calling 327-4242 or by going to:
Task #2 – – Attend the Council committee hearing on the HRO amendment on Tuesday, December 13th from 5:00pm to 6:30pm at the City-County Building, 2nd floor. We must pack the house!
Task #3 – – Attend the City-County Council meeting for the HRO amendment on Monday, December 19th at 7:00pm (arrive at 6:30pm) at the City-County Building, 2nd floor Public Assembly Room. We must pack the house! The final vote will be taken this night!
You can park in the lot just east of the City County Building off Market Street downtown for any of these events. Enter the city-county building through the north revolving doors. There is a security pass through, and you’ll be heading upstairs and to your right. There should be a crowd, and it’s fairly obvious where to go.

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  1. stAllio!

    hey, i just saw you on fox59 news! totally by chance, too, as i normally wouldn’t have been watching. they aired about two sentences of your testimony. they also said the committee voted 6-3 to move the proposal to the full committee. so nice work!

  2. Steph Mineart

    Thanks! We kicked butt last night. The gay community in Indianapolis really rose to the occasion and gave strong testimony and coherent arguments. There were about 2 of our supporters for every one of theirs, and they hauled out the same lame, illogical, irrelevant arguments that they did last week; ones that the council has already discounted as being bogus. I’m totally proud of the GLBT community.

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