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Caught sight of this over on Taking Down Words: a site dedicated to ripping on Mitch Daniels called
Now the design is a bit squidgy — aside from the big ol’ typo in a graphic on the front page and suspect rounded corners, the text doesn’t play well with CSS/web standards. And I question why the site doesn’t identify who’s behind it, although given that they’re offering up the same bumperstickers we got from the Indiana Democratic Party, I suspect there’s a connection.
But I TOTALLY dig the photo on the “Citizens for Services” page of two African-American people with their arms crossed in disgust to signify their disapproval with Mitch’s privitization schemes. Because how true is that? So true. I just love the internets.

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  1. marti abernathey

    *sigh* Will these silly games ever stop? The site owner is removed from the WhoIS.
    The company that is the tech contact is Web Connectivity LLC. Web Connectivity is located at 1828 N. Meridan St. Oddly enough so is the IBEW 481. This local has been a meeting place for Indy Democrats in the past…
    I’m shocked. I’m not a fan of Mitch’s per sae, but this stuff is what was in the election… it’s tired rhetoric. When is the Democratic Party in Indy going to wake up?

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