Tony Dungy to Speak For Anti-Gay Hate Group

This is really disturbing – Colts coach Tony Dungy will be speaking at a dinner for the Indiana Family Institute, which is a right-wing hate group whose primary purpose is to promote hatred towards gay people.

Make no mistake about what their goals really are – in the same way the the Irish Republican army has a legal, public face in Sein Finn, and the “European-American Unity and Rights Organization” is a modern-day face to the KKK, the Indiana Family Institute is an “appears to be innocuous” religious front for people whose real political goal is to see me put in jail or driven out of the state. Among other things, they are promoting SJR-7, as well as opposing a hate crimes bill and anti-discrimination laws. But their agenda is far deeper than that, and these are no garden-variety Christians.

Man, I already have an email about this – IFI says they’re religious, but what they’re pursuing is political – they lobby the statehouse and pursue legislation (publically. Privately, they pursue more radical stuff) – so this isn’t Tony Dungy expressing his religious beliefs. This it Tony Dungy fund-raising for a political goal – and a hate agenda.

“An opportunity to financially support the Indiana Family Institute will be presented.” Great. I’m posting the invitation from their site, but editing out the contact information. I’m also linking to a report about the site, rather than the site itself. I don’t want to be responsible for driving any traffic their way.

That really puts damper on my excitement for the Colts and the Super Bowl. I had no idea that Tony Dungy hated me. I’m hardly going to be cheering for him now. It happens every time – you get all excited about being a part of something cool, and somebody comes along to remind you – “hey, you’re not really one of us. You don’t belong.” Even though I’ve been out for over 20 years now, it still stings, every time.

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  1. Cordelia Wright

    Oh, please tell me he doesn’t know what he has gotten himself into. And just to say it, I hate how the extremist right has co-opted the word “family,” so that one has to be suspicious about any organizations supporting it. Not a new thought, by a long shot, but in naive hope that Dungy’s people thought, well, the Family Institute was actually about family…

  2. Why?

    Maybe you should just face it that you are fags and nobody but fags like you! Also that you are going to burn in hell for being a fag.

  3. BitterBen

    I bet you say that to all the boys down at the bus station rest room. Once you take their c*cks out of your mouth, that is.

  4. j

    Likening these hate mongers to the IRA is almost offensive. It IS offensive. The IRA (though involved in violence) had it’s roots in legitimate political action and was formed out of necessity in reaction to British oppression and brutality over centuries. These people are simply terrified of gay people for no good reason.

  5. Speak truth to Ignorance

    WHY said: ” Maybe you should just face it that you are fags and nobody but fags like you! Also that you are going to burn in hell for being a fag.”
    Tsk, tsk!. Imagine that God made these “fags”, who look like us and therefore must also look to be in God’s image. If we believe the bible then God either loves these children as he loves all his children (in which case you are mistaken and are the one who is deformed and debased for believing heathen interpretations of the bible) OR God just makes mistakes as he is busy making so many of us that a few errors get through (god fails).
    In either instance there is a “mistake” made—either by God (unlikely) or by the “keepers of this particular faith”.
    Irrespective of this, you (as an agent of your religion) fail, or your religion (as an agent of God) fails to recognize that if God made us we must all be perfect and capable of divine love in God’s eyes OR God didn’t make us (i.e. God doesn’t exist as a proactive being) and therefore he cannot hate anyone.
    Really try to think about what you are saying, because if you break it down, instead of simply repeating the bible dogma, you will find that your belief system is logically impossible and therefore assuredly invalid.
    ….and just because I think your thinking is stupid, and your hate is reprehensible, and your passions completely debased…doesn’t mean that I hate you back…I simply think some of us are given fewer mental gifts to work with…so we just have to work harder with what we have…. don’t despair, there is still hope for you…
    Try to imagine you were born Gay….what would you think then? Would God hate you? Is God capable of Hate? Isn’t the true definition of God “pure love”. What other definition could ever make any sense?

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