Eric Dickerson’s not just slinging Mud

Indy Star Matt Tully’s analysis of the recent polling in the Carson/Dickerson battle for made my jaw drop in shock:

No mudslinging: Carson took hard personal shots at Dickerson last month, but the Republican remained positive. He knows there is nothing to gain by trading potshots and respectfully argues that Carson’s time as an effective politician has simply passed.

WHAT? This campaign is the dirtiest, slimiest one I’ve ever known, and it’s not coming from Carson’s end. I’m sorry — Dickerson is slinging more than any candidate I’ve ever seen, but it’t not mud he’s slinging — it’s shit, plain and simple.
He’s feeding libelous allegations and smear tactics to the IndyUndercover site (which is run not by cops or sheriff’s officers, but by the Republican Party — current investigation points toward Ike Randolph as the responsible party) and to Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana. Go to these site and read what they’re saying about Julia Carson.
They’re alleging she stole someone’s wallet, for pete’s sake. Tell me that’s not shit-slinging. Tell me that’s positive campaigning.

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  1. Gary Welsh

    Your assertion that I am in any way connected to Indy Undercover blog site is an outright lie. I demand an immediate apology. It’s pretty low of you to see me at the blogger’s forum and not say a word to my face and then go behind my back and write an outright false statement about me. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything better of you given many of your past comments about any number of people.

  2. Wilson46201

    poor Gary at AdvanceIndiana is all paranoid and thinks you are accusing him of being behind IndyU. I tried to explain that Dickersons crowd is using both him and IndyU for their mud-slinging.
    btw, you forgot to mention “Indiana Minority Report”, that Black GOP website run by Darla Y. Williams as another relentless Dickerson negative-campaigning site.

  3. Steph Mineart

    Read what I actually write for once, Gary, and not what you “think” I said. I said you and IndyUndercover are carrying water for the Dickerson campaign, so they don’t have to smear Carson themselves.
    I didn’t connect you with IndyUndercover, although you seem to throw a lot of positive comments on their blog — like the one’s two posts down from them calling me a dyke.
    You’ll get an apology from me after I get one from you for trying to use me as a straw man after the great “liquids on a plane” scare.

  4. Steph Mineart

    Notice what Gary didn’t deny in all that, though — that he’s getting information about Carson from the Dickerson campaign.

  5. Wilson46201

    Gary has unrelentlessly posted every lie, slander, libel the GOP has ever used against Julia Carson — I work hard at refuting them with the facts. I have worked for and around Ms. Carson for years – I am not uninformed of the real situations.
    Until very recently, Gary allowed homophobe Tandy free run of his blog to post copious libelous per se statements.

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