Newspaper Names

For a brain-storming session on a name for a new local Indianapolis paper, these were some of our ideas. Apparently, I’m the only one who thinks the name “Naptown Argus” as a Indianapolis newspaper is laugh-out-loud funny. Hmmm. Too much Greek Mythology as a child, not enough playing outside.

(edited to add suggestions from reader comments):

Beaver (Bakersfield Beaver!)
Bumble Bee
City Press
Daily Home
Daily Mail
Daily Star
The Derrick
Free Press
Pantagraph (Bloomington (IL) Daily Pantagraph)
Vindicator (Youngstown, Ohio)
Zeitung (Zeitung = newspaper in German)

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  1. Helpful

    You should add ‘Weekly’ and ‘Times’. Just a suggestion.

  2. Fill

    Smiths Falls Citizen

  3. Steph Mineart

    When I was making the list, I intended to focus on unusual newspaper names, which is why I left of weekly, daily, times, news, etc. I also left out a common one – Star – because we were tossing around the names for a new Indianapolis paper, and we already have an Indy Star. We eventually settled on IndyScribe.

  4. sbs

    thank you this was helpful with a project i did

  5. Stefan McKenna

    A great list!
    How about “Guardian” (as in Manchester)

  6. amanda


  7. People

    add bumble bee……
    thanx, this was rly helpful!!!

  8. nnn

    How come you don’t have one that starts with a ‘V’? haha That’s the only letter i need.

    1. Kevin


  9. Anna

    You might want to add The Derrick to your list. It is a newspaper from Oil City, PA.

  10. Michelle

    Hmmm, can anybody come up with one that starts with X, Y or Z?
    Ps. This is a really cool list of newspaper names, its really helpful!

  11. Bil Browning

    How funny, Steph. I searched for “newspaper names” on Google and clicked the first entry without really looking. It brought me to your site – as if I don’t spend enough time floating around here the way it is! *grins*

  12. Steph Mineart

    I like how so many of them have some sort of “watch dog” connotation. Argus is one of those, but also Sentinel, Observer, Monitor.

    My brothers used to deliver the “Canton Repository” when we were kids. I still have one of their paper delivery bags from that paper.

  13. Alex

    Add republic, inquirer, journal, and today

  14. Tom

    Carlisle (MA) Mosquito

  15. marv

    and for the audacious…
    the juggernaut

  16. april

    you should put the meteor and the universe

  17. AfH

    Daily Home

  18. jordan

    fredericksburg standard-radio post (a small central texas weekly)

  19. Kate

    Thank you for doing this. Tucson, Arizona has a paper called the Arizona Daily Star and San Francisco has the Examiner.

  20. Joolz

    I was looking for a Y too. To name my classroom newsletter since my last name is Yonge. I decided to go with Tribune because it has the y sound in it.
    For X maybe exchange or one of the other listed ex names and for z, well, I think Gazette is all I can think of.

  21. Char

    What about the “Oracle”?

  22. nick

    highland humbug?

  23. rachel

    thanks this is really helpful!!! i’m glad someone thought about doing this!!!

  24. Kamil

    I was doing a project, and couldn’t think of a name to call my newspaper. So I googled it as a last resort, and wow, this is beyond what I was excpecting to find. Great work, and thanks a million.

  25. Taz

    Thankk Uu x
    Thesee Nmes Really Sveed Miie
    Butt Wiid A Newspapaar I Diid
    For Historiie x]

  26. Mitchell

    oh thanks it pretty good too!

  27. Ty

    how about Breif?

  28. Glenn

    Just a few I thought of: Bee (like in Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno, CA), Call (San Francisco), Mercury (San Jose), Constitution (Atlanta), Picayune (New Orleans), Record (Stockton), Pilot (several places); but, still, a good list!

  29. ZYX

    thnx….it really helped lotz…..u rock!!!!!

  30. bob

    this was so helpful while i was working on my school project! thanks a bunch. =)

  31. Andrew Kenning

    i used dispatch for a school project

  32. ???

    Hold on, are we all coming here for our history class?!? Seriously, I think thats why we are all here! lol.

  33. MR

    The Comox Vally “Echo” and “Record”.
    The “Upper Islander” (as in Vancouver Island).
    The Discovery “Islander” (Quadra Island).

  34. Stephanie

    Haha!! Thanks for this list, im brain dead by the time i can think of a title! 8^)

  35. KLM

    try crossroads, lol helpful list

  36. George

    have any suggestions for a worldly newspaper name? mabye using globe or life?

  37. Sarah Anderson

    awesome sight!! really helpful with our second-year journalism term assignments (three newsroom days with a full publication) thanks so much, i think we’re going to go with the audacious juggernaut…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Derek

    Cecil County, Maryland offers readers the “Cecil County Whig,” while the “Quincy Herald-Whig” lives on in Quincy, Ill.
    They are only apparently remaining Whigs left in America, although there’s a Kingston, Canada “Kingston Whig Standard.”

  39. DiNKy_BaBy --> ((aDRii))

    haha… i needed a ‘V’ one also.
    but thank you! icombined 2 of these
    names for a porject i did!
    very helpful!

  40. Miriam

    awesome, thanks a toN!

  41. Shawn

    Shawville Equity (Quebec)

  42. Candice

    Awesome list! Thanks so much. Adding Recorder (S.F.)

  43. Christy

    Thanks a bunch ! This was really helpful!!!

  44. Paul

    I guess they never heard of the Rock Island Argus in Illinois.

  45. Will

    Hey awesome list.

  46. sheniqua

    i kno what ur talkin bout cuz im here also fo my socail studies project!! LOL!!
    this website was very, very helpful to me…thanx a mil.!!

  47. Katie Anderson

    Hello. I am 13 years old and was thinking about making a school newspaper. I needed names and subjects to write about. I already had the original ones…like horror scopes, weather, sports, and even something like Dear Abbie. Even advertisements…then there were names like: daily, times, examiner, but thats all I really came up with…I really needed this. It rreeaallllyyy helped me. thanks!!!

  48. Sharon

    Great List! I was looking for both E’s (Echo, Express, and Examiner) and P’s (Post) You have saved me oodles of time!

  49. rpdg

    V name — The Vindicator (Youngstown, Ohio); Liberty (Texas) Vindicator
    Z name — New Braunfels (Texas) Herald-Zeitung (Zeitung = newspaper in German)
    Nice list. Thanks.

  50. Catie

    you should add “the rag” too. you know, for those laid back kind of papers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  51. Kat

    Our local paper is called The Acorn. Get it – “in a nutshell”!? Of course I live in a town called Thousand Oaks so it makes sense.

  52. michelle

    thanks your ideas helped me come up with a name for a news article had to do at school!!!!!

  53. Jax

    thank you so Much for helping me the Sever hour sun will be a smash hit? Another name is the Bakersfield Beaver

  54. Joy

    Thanks so much! This saved me a lot of time. I’m actually not doing a history project, mine’s an English one. Fun fun… =]

  55. THX

    I am SAVED!!!!
    Thx Great list
    got first on google still for “newspaper names”


    THANK YOU JESUS THIS WEBSITE SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. vedant prasad

    eye might also be a good name

  58. jxbran

    Writing a story and need a newpaper name for the plot ..nice list….The Acorn?…get it in a nutshell…?
    I like that!

  59. John

    Fargo, ND has The Forum

  60. Ryan

    How about “call”. There used to be a newspaper in Newark, NJ named The Sunday Call. Thanks for the list!

  61. pickle.

    hello, my name is bobette,
    i am in a pickle…
    really, i’m in a pickle.
    i cant get out…

  62. camilla

    this helped a lot with my Latin porject! im sure my Roman newspaper will be the best!

  63. Maryam

    Thanks! It helped alot with naming our school newsletter: ‘The Manarat Messenger’

  64. Cobb

    Thank you, this helped a lot for a school project (like everyone else)

  65. steph

    I live in Seattle and the Seattle Post Intelligencer is the most ignorant name I’ve ever heard. I’ts ironic in itself.

  66. Bob

    Be sure to include the Bloomington (IL) Daily Pantagraph.

  67. Kraig_Partridge

    For V try “Vanguard.” Great list, btw. :]

  68. kate

    thankyou, this helped heaps for my school assignment, i couldnt think of anything!!

  69. Tom Awolly

    You forgot watchmen.

  70. rsp

    didn’t see Variety for V in these comments. or how bout Victory.
    good list.

  71. Mr. Woman

    that was awesome great ideas!!!!!!!

  72. Brittany

    Thank you soo much!!!! My life and my A+ is saved!!! Thanks for the names!!!!

  73. Karishma

    thx a lot this website saved my life for my english newspaper assignment!:)

  74. Hloniphani Chengeta

    What about the Paparazzi or the Tabloid?

  75. Steph

    I don’t know that Paparazzi or Tabloids are names of newspapers, are they? They’re more types.

  76. Ben Moffett

    Does anybody know an old newspaper joke/saying/ putting together reporter’s names with newspaper names, such as:
    “Hello, I’m Dark from the Sun,” and you are?
    “I’m Bright from the Star,” and this is my friend, Cash from the Register.”
    I can’t remember all the cute combinations, and I only heard it once, from McPherson of the Albuquerque Tribune 50 years ago. Can anyone help?

  77. sue

    for the ‘V’ entries there is ‘Voice’.

  78. Anonymous

    What about a name for a business organization called B.U.S. (beta upsilon sigma). I want to come up with something catchy that incorporates the name.. any ideas??

  79. leighanne

    it is a realy brilliant website i want a article beginging with t a realy good one

  80. Madiha

    LOVE the website! gave me great ideas for the names of a newsletter i have to publish for an upcoming event…especially ‘the acorn’! think im going to use it! thanks a tonne!

  81. Madiha

    LOVE the website! it was a great help! especially love ‘the acorn’! i think ima use it for my own newsletter name! thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ˜€

  82. Madiha

    thanku so much! love ‘the acorn’! ๐Ÿ˜€

  83. Kristen

    Hey person!
    Thanks for doing this page for us readers. By the way ya know how you talked about Greek Mythology at the beginning? Well my class has to do a Greek newspaper for social studies. My topic is mythology so I have to come up with a news paper name for it. PLEASE GIVE ME A NAME!!!!!!!

  84. roberto

    Zephir or Zephire forgot how to spell it…

  85. liam

    thx u saved me i needed a newspaper titlefor a project and used review antone have a idea 4 a story about a resteraunt called the red dog inn catching on fire plz tell me sooooooooooon thx

  86. Barbara

    For a “V” newspaper – use The Vindicator. It’s the newspaper for Youngstown, Ohio.

    1. bill allen

      the vindicator of youngstown is also branded as the VINDY

  87. Steph

    Thanks! I went through and updated the page will all the fantastic suggestions from readers. You guys are very helpful!

  88. tmn

    toronto has toronto sun. know a good name for an abyssinian newspaper? need one for an assignment

  89. Oriana

    Thanks so much for all these ideas. They are really helpful in a project in doing for school! ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. KYHLY

    thank you guys sooooo much!!!!! this honeslty helped tons!!! gr8t resource for projects and stuff! thanks again!!!!! from Kyhly the koolest canadian boyy ’round. someday you’ll all remember me…

  91. KYHLY

    thanks alot!!!! u guys r awesome!!!!!!
    Kyhly the coolest canadian boyy ’round. SOMEDAY YOU’LL ALL REMEMBER ME…

  92. Erika

    That list was a BIG help to me. I usually can’t decide on names for anything, but with your list I knew exactly which one to choose! U Rock. thanx.

  93. neha

    thank you very much it really helped me a lot !!!!!!!!!!!
    i think its very use full

  94. Heather

    How about “Vendetta” for a “v” name? Sounds like something for a consperacy theorist’s newspaper. Anyway, thanks for the list. I used the Guardian for this project I’m doing.

  95. Andrew

    Thaaaaaaaaanks this was greaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. charlie pyle


  97. tina

    this is not helpful at all.the awakening is better headline than this.

  98. Hana

    Ooh thnx!
    it rlly helped me
    i got” eagle eye weekly”
    sick right?? its like for a greek project thing
    thnx again !!

  99. Rhombus

    Thnx for all those great ideas. I’m working on a school project that required making up a newspaper name. I used a few of the ideas above but can’t decide which is better, hope someone can help me:
    Universal Chronicle
    Chronicle Tribune
    Chronicle Today
    Chronicle Reflector
    Chronicle Gazette
    Chronicle Echo
    BTW, it’s about historical stuff!
    Thnx again!

  100. Rhombus

    Thnx for all those great ideas. I’m working on a school project that required making up a newspaper name. I used a few of the ideas above but can’t decide which is better, hope someone can help me:
    Universal Chronicle
    Chronicle Tribune
    Chronicle Today
    Chronicle Reflector
    Chronicle Gazette
    Chronicle Echo
    BTW, it’s about historical stuff!
    Thnx again!

  101. Rhombus

    Thnx for all those great ideas. I’m working on a school project that required making up a newspaper name. I used a few of the ideas above but can’t decide which is better, hope someone can help me:
    Universal Chronicle
    Chronicle Tribune
    Chronicle Today
    Chronicle Reflector
    Chronicle Gazette
    Chronicle Echo
    BTW, it’s about historical stuff!
    Thnx again!

  102. Paulette

    thnx a mil. saved mah life. needed this for a l.a.essay aha(:

  103. krista

    thankks so much!!!! i wuz doing a project and wuz desperate for a title! this wuz PERFECT(:

  104. Jeff

    Thanks for the great list. Did you imagine this list would still be getting comments over 6 years later?
    My wife’s hometown newspaper is the Putnam County Vidette.

  105. anonymous

    Thank you for posting this… you really helped me with my project!

  106. Pam DISalvo

    We have, The Valley Breeze,

  107. Sarah

    I know right I am doing a school newspaper

  108. Sarah

    Thank you so much! I felt that there would be no place that would focus on names! They are awesome thanks!
    I especially like “Voice”
    So awesome! My friends and I are making a homeschool newspaper and this really helped! We had NO idea what to name the newspaper, and YOU ARE AWESOME. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks again!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  109. anonymous

    How about the Democrat, the Republican, and the Independent? Great list though–saved me gobs of time in a renaming project.

  110. Abdul Ghaffar

    keep”horizon”and “eye in the world

  111. Patrick

    Try Xavier, Zing, Yodel, or Yell. Some z’s are already up there. P.S. Some people are blind. V’s are already up there ya’ll!

  112. Aireen Cherry Ordiz

    this page gives me an idea bout the title of our school paper
    thanks a lot…

  113. David Speakman

    Did a google search for newspaper names. Hard to believe my old college roomie’s list was number one. Small world!

  114. Aaron Blenkush

    Why not Outlook?

  115. Alexis

    I made up holston view ca-hoooooots for the main title(H.V.= school, owl= mascot) and bristol bulletin for a sub heading! Thanks 4 the insperation!

  116. jessica

    Thanks you guys, this was really helpful with my research project at school.

  117. JoAnn Stump

    the Pinecone in Carmel By the Sea, CA

  118. Erin

    Record Delta
    Exponent Telegram

  119. Suggestions

    Paper (as in Washington City Paper)

    Then there’s also colors, like school colors (Georgetown’s The Blue & Gray, or UGA’s The Red & Black)

  120. Sophia

    how about “View” just for another one in the V section

  121. Ron Newman

    Lexington, Massachusetts has the ‘Minuteman’

  122. mimi2k4sure

    What about Narrative newspaper?

  123. Some Guy

    the sexie grizzlys

  124. Alissa

    Thanks so much, id been stressing for my hisory project…which is also why everyone else is here, but you saved my tush thanks (:

  125. Jim

    The Good 5 Cent Cigar โ€” University of Rhode Island’s student newspaper

  126. Lurk

    Good list. Still helping people out years later.

  127. Shayne Nee

    Juggernaut <3

  128. Hannah

    hahahahaha I get it. because Argus is the hundred eyed giant that never sleeps XD

  129. Aislin

    X’s!!!!! I need the x’s!!! Our school is Xi’an Int. School (XIS) and our mascot is the Terracotta Warrior. Suggestions are more than welcome. I thought of The Warrior Ledger….. ehhhhh….

  130. Dwight

    the highschool paper in Sultan was called the Sultan Pepper

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