Boycott Target

This kills me to write it, but it looks like I have to boycott Target. According to Planned Parenthood, they’re standing behind one of their pharmacists that refused to fill a woman’s emergency contraception prescription.
It also appears that their CEO is a far-right Republican who’s donated tons of money to wacko Republican causes.

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  1. Jay

    When it comes to corporate giants, I tend to go with the lesser of the evils. Since Target hires a lot of gay designers like Todd Oldham and Isaac Mizrahi, I’m going to stick with them.
    For one thing, since I believe in karma, it’s only a matter of time before some pharmacist refuses to gives meds to a right-wing fundie.
    I’m not saying that’s right, but it will happen.

  2. Greg

    I don’t know Steph, I would have to say you’re wrong on this one. You’re incriminating Target before they even replied to PPFA.
    They responded to one of the commenters: “Like many other retailers, Target has a policy that ensures a guest’s prescription for emergency contraception is filled, whether at Target or at a different pharmacy, in a timely and respectful manner. This policy meets the health care needs of our guests while respecting the diversity of our team members.”
    So sounds to me like their policy says that they’ll get the prescription filled while also respecting the right of their employees to be respectful asshats.

  3. Steph Mineart

    Greg, it’s the line “whether at Target or at a different pharmacy” thats the problem. They’re noting that, unlike some pharmacies, they’re requiring their pharmacist to hand back a prescription they object to, so it can be filled elsewhere. The trouble with that is that some insurance companies limit where a prescription can be filled. If I have to get mine done at Target, and the pharmacist won’t take it, I’m SOL. Not to mention that I shouldn’t have to go to more than one place to get my medication.
    Bottom line, this is bullshit. If you’re a pharmacy, and I need a prescription, you have to fill it. What if some wack-job decides you shouldn’t get an essential medication like insulin, or high-blood pressure medication? Why should they get to determine what you should take?

  4. j c klee

    this just in…
    Marsh Corporation sucks too.
    Marsh grocery stores decided to buy the abandoned parcel of land at 54th of College that used to be Atlas grocery. About a year ago they had a big media event and announced they would build a “Arthur’s Fresh Foods” at that location.
    About a year has gone by and that crappy lot just sits and sits and sits, framed by a lovely chain link fence that is about to collapse. There are no indications that they are going to build a grocery store there.
    I’m so glad we have Marsh enriching our community. I can’t wait for the next eyesore they plan to deliver to us.

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