What the fish?

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Oh, c’mon. I figured out the fish puzzle years ago, along with everyone else in my workplace. It’s not that hard, for pete’s sake, and I’d challenge that “98% of people can’t figure it out” claim. Everyone I work with figured it out. It’s a simple logic puzzle.

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  1. darmuck jones

    I loved it! Took 2 hours but it was such a great diversion!
    I appreciate your site tremendously, and have posted the riddle in my own MSN community.
    Come check it out if you get a chance.
    I don’t go to anyplace else for great political news. Because I admire this site for many things.
    And have alot in common with my interest in big things and oddities that I locally shoot with my Sony F717
    Best of luck to you and yours, and your health.
    Darmuck Jones

  2. darmuck jones

    oopsie, sorry i meant to comment on the fish riddle, lol, and clickied on the wrong thingy.

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