You Were Watching What?

So I’m reading my friend Lori’s website, and she has this post about the Amber Alert System:

So, i’m watching the sunday night repeat of The Practice on channel 6 and the tv goes freaky – buzzing and making weird noises…then at the top of the screen there’s an announcement about a Civil Alert for all of Indiana from 12:00 till 5:00am – what the hell? A little while later, there’s a box in the corner that says it’s an Amber Alert – go to the Indy Star website – nothing…go to the Channel 6 website nothing… you’d think the damned channel that announces something like this would have the info on their website!!! So i track down the Amber Alert page – apparently there’s something happening in Gary, Indiana…

And the first thing that popped into my head was that maybe the problem wasn’t the Amber Alert system at all. Maybe the buzzing and weird noises were happening because the TV was objecting to Lori watching “The Practice” on a Sunday night, when “The Sopranos” and “Six Feet Under” are on. I didn’t even realize that “The Practice” was still on TV. Hollywood really must be out of ideas.

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