Leather Tuscadero

Suzy Quatro
Suzy Quatro
Strange things that come up in conversations at work: Leather Tuscadero from Happy Days (Suzi Quatro). Until I saw the pictures, I really didn’t remember her, and now I’m wondering why I didn’t, because I have a vague memory of Mom hating that character and saying she wasn’t very feminine. You’d think I would have glommed onto that. Funny… just noticed that she had an album titled: “Your Mama Won’t Like Me.” That’s true, Suzi, she didn’t.

And an interesting analysis of her on this fan site: “In addition to her (for the times) pretty outragous stage persona, she also frequently choose to cover songs from male artists without changing the lyrics, thus giving lesbian overtones to the performance.” No wonder mom didn’t like her. Yet another “gay” thing that my mother tried to shelter me from (also, Three’s Company, Soap, etc.). Didn’t work, mom.

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