Parodies of Indigo Girls Songs

Okay, you have to be an Indigo Girls fan for this one: Parodies of Indigo Girls Songs. There’s a parody of “Don’t Give That Girl a Gun” entitled “Go Give That Girl Some Gum.” Now that’s funny. Also a christmas version of “Burn All the Letters” that’s called “Return All The Sweaters.” It may not be Weird Al caliber writing, but they get off some good ones.
On the other hand, there’s no Indigo Girls fan fiction out there. Hmmm. I’m sensing an untapped market.
Also, it’s smart, it’s funny, sometimes you have to look up what they’re talking about, but here it is, Cat and Girl the cartoon. And you know it’s cool, because they live next door to Death, and he comes over to play Parcheesi. Parcheesi is cool. I like the one where they first see Death in a restaurant, and they freak out because they want to meet him, but they’re afraid to go over to him, so they just shout “We like your work” as he’s leaving.

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