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One of my cats is named Huckleberry, but I frequently shorten his name or call him some variation on that, like Huck, or Hucklebuck. I had no idea that hucklebuck is a word that other people use, though. Today I happened to be reading about the Flickr photo of Shaving Cream that was mysteriously changing gender and noticed someone in the comments section said “so you maybe have ended up being additionally hucklebucked by…”

A quick Google search later, and I now know there was a 1949 R&B song by Paul Williams, that lead to a risque dance craze, a Blues band, a sexual term (didn’t look at that link, might not be SFW) a font face, a DJ, and a term meaning “to be hoodwinked or fooled.” And there’s a musical called “Dancehall Qs and Hucklebuck Shoes

Who knew?

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