Certain kinds of music aid in sleep, post-operative pain relief

This site discusses a Case-Western study that shows listening to soothing music helps people with sleep disorders and people with post-operative pain. That’s very interesting.

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  1. Jess

    I left a comment on an earlier post of yours — drop me a note. After a rather looooong summer, I survived a catastrophic mitral valve rupture, replacement and after various complications, I am now arguably in better condition than when I got sick.

  2. Phillip

    How do I get out of the prison Jack the Blades throws you into when you try to rescue your mother? The diary mentions a code that you need but I have no idea how you get that code.
    The only alternative I thought of was to back up to a previous save and sell the arena medallion before ever rescuing the mother.
    Talk about a big royal pain.

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