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Read 26 Indy Reading Challenge for 2014

Early in January of 2014, Indy Star Reporter Michael Anthony Adams issued a challenge to Indiana residents for the new year: New Year’s resolutions are rarely acted on. I’m guilty of it, and you’re guilty of it. The trick is

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Essential Follow-up Reading on HJR-3

Indy Star — The intrigue behind the curtain cloaking the HJR-3 debate “When the Indiana Senate cast its vote Monday on the proposed same-sex marriage ban, it all seemed pretty straightforward, even predictable. The vast majority of Republicans voted for

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Indy Star vs. Houston Chronicle: Houston has better readers

I happened to be reading this article in the Houston Chronicle about a gay male flight attendant murdered by a homophobe, and discovered something interesting while scrolling through the reader comments on the article. Houston Chronicle readers seem to be

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Astonishing, a well written article in the Indy Star

An intelligent, well thought out article on the Bible, and on equal marriage rights for gay people. Note: there’s a reason why I always say “equal marriage rights for gay people” and not “gay marriage.” There’s a difference between the

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More on The Murdered Indianapolis Trans Teen

From the Indy Star: An initial hearing in the case of the teen’s murder was held for an Indianapolis man who has been arrested for the murder of Gregory Johnson and his friend Brandie Coleman. According to the hearing, the

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