Astonishing, a well written article in the Indy Star

An intelligent, well thought out article on the Bible, and on equal marriage rights for gay people.

Note: there’s a reason why I always say “equal marriage rights for gay people” and not “gay marriage.” There’s a difference between the two, and this is it:

We already have gay marriage. Yeah, you read that right. Gay people have been getting marriage for decades. The used to do it on their own in a park or the backyard with a handful of friends, but in the last 10 years, they get married in churches, with ministers, in front of their families and congregations, and throw big receptions afterwards.

We have gay marriage, and nothing can take that away. Gay people are never going to stop having marriage ceremonies, building lives together. What we don’t have is the legal rights that heterosexual people get from that piece of paper from the government.

Britney Spears can get drunk and marry a guy in Vegas and get that legal piece of paper giving her all sorts of rights with a guy she doesn’t really much care about, but a gay couple who’ve been together 10 years, who own property and have built a life together, don’t get to protect that life with that legal piece of paper.

That seems pretty arbitrary and just downright mean, to me.

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