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Shopping-Related Madness?

So Just How Dangerous Did Black Friday Get Around The Country? – Jezebel.com If you picked any date – say, April 13, 2011 – and counted up the number of shopping-related nonsenses that people get up to in stores, I’m

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Oh, yeah. Happy President’s Day.

I almost forgot to post this very important video. Maybe that’s not your cup of tea, though. (Tea, get it?) Maybe try this instead. Or, it could be that you like drag queens. That’s your choice. You’ll probably love Dina

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Made in America

One of the ways we can all help our economy is to look for products made in America, especially in the upcoming Christmas season. Here are some directories to get you started finding products made here in the United States

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Xmas Busy Busy Busy

Last night I did some major decorating of the front porch – we have garlands around all the porch posts with big red bows on them, and giant red bells hanging. Stephanie gave me candle lights for the windows for

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Dear Santa…

Oh, look, there’s my Amazon Wishlist. Now how did that get there? I must have left it sitting out when I was working on my ThinkGeek Wishlist. Sure. Of course, I’ve been very good this year. What? I have!

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