Month: September 2005

Delay scandal widening; fissures in GOP party are starting to show

Quote from, with internal links to wikipedia for more information on the players in the wide-scale GOP corruption: The indictment sent a shock wave through the GOP establishment, which is already reeling from a swath of criminal and ethics

Arnold vetos gay marriage bill

From Reuters: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that would allow gay marriage in the state of California. Now, I’m confused. First the right-wing tells us that the “activist judges” aren’t allowed to rule on gay marriage laws, saying the

Troops still buying their own body armor

This scandal has never been resolved, even though the GOP would try to lead you to believe it was: troops are still have to buy their own body armor to ensure their protection in Iraq, and the military is refusing nominated for a journalism award

On November 5th, 2005, Nuvolab XII will announce the top two Journalism Award winners. The best independent blogs will be awarded for promotion of equality, political insight, creativity, and presentation. Award winners will receive custom award images to display on

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The Tom Delay Corruption Scandal

Salon Magazine writes a very readable, informative article on how wide-spread the corruption scandal really is. It’s pretty amazing to read, because you start to understand how many GOPers and how much money is involved, and how much campaign finance