You conserve gas so the president doesn’t have to

A current Associated Press story:
“WASHINGTON (Sept. 26) – President George W. Bush urged Americans to cut back on unnecessary travel to make up for fuel shortages caused by Hurricane Rita as he prepared to take his seventh trip to the Gulf Coast.”
Then a few paragraphs later:
“The president returned Sunday from a three-day trip in which he stopped in four cities that have been a base for government response to the storm. As he has in most of his previous trips to the areas hit by the hurricanes, Bush spent most of the time in meetings with state and local officials – many of them reporting by videoconference.”
The second point being, of course, that he could have stayed home and had videoconference meetings at the White House, but then he wouldn’t look like he was doing something. I think the AP is a bit P.O.’ed at the president.

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  1. Sebastian Michaels

    As someone living in England, where petrol (`gas`) prices are astronomical I find it interesting to see Americans becoming concerned by the increase in their fuel charges. Even with your recent increases they are still small compared to those in the UK. Here, after Katrina raised the price of oil, our fuel prices at the pumps shot up to over £1 (about $1.65) a litre, although they have now fallen again to around 90p a litre. Something like 75% of our fuel costs are made up of tax to the government and increasingly lead to protests, fuel blockades and genreal frustration at the cost of private travel by car. America obviously has a very different attitude to the car than here in the UK, but I guess that recent events are making more and more Americans realise that driving the car has a cost – on your own pockets, if not on the environment.
    By the way, great website Steph.

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