Justin Beiber has a forehead

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Finally. If that kid is going to be all over my TV and internet, I want him to brush his hair back out of his damn face — as much as I want teenagers in the street to pull up their idiot pants and wear a belt. I’m old and cranky; do as I say, damn it, or I’ll cut you.

bieber forehead
bieber forehead
2022-03-12 Update: Little did I know how bad it would become.
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IYG Wishlist

From their mission statement:

Indiana Youth Group provides a safe place, a confidential environment, youth development programs and support services which foster personal strength and wellness among self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people. IYG advocates on their behalf in schools, on the streets, and in the community. IYG builds friendships and explores individualism while promoting a peaceful community, based on equality, acceptance and diversity.

I volunteered with IYG years ago, and my little sister did for a college internship also. I dropped out because I got very busy at work (I was very poor and doing lots of overtime) and there were lots of adult mentors in the program already.
IYG has a wishlist of items they want to have donated to use at their center. I really wish I’d seen the list earlier, because we’ve given lots of stuff to goodwill in the past few months that they need.
Fortunately, we have a ton more stuff to give away that is on the list, so we’re going to start gathering stuff up.

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Wish I Could Do That

According to the New York Times, thousands of Japanese kids, mostly boys, are shutting themselves in their rooms and refusing to come out for years at a time. They hang out on the internet, watch television, play video games, and refused to come out for school, work or even meals. Because of the downturn in the Japanese economy, more young people are unemployed and live at home with their parents well into their twenties, and Japan’s unique cultural style of nurturing creates an atmosphere where young people don’t become independent.
Huh. If I had tried that as a teenager, my parents would have dragged me out of my room by my feet and kicked me down to the school bus stop in my pajamas.

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