Dear Men in Congress: If we knit you a uterus, will you stay out of ours?

If they have their own, they can leave ours alone!

via Government Free VJJ | Dear Men in Congress: If we knit you a uterus, will you stay out of ours?.

  • Knit or crochet a vagina or uterus
  • Print a message to enclose
  • Mail it to your male Senator or Congressional Representative
  • We’re in the process of arranging hand delivery to congressional offices in Washington, until then, go ahead and mail yours in!
  • Record your items in this spreadsheet so we can track which representatives still need to receive a “gift”!
  • Don’t forget to thank your representative if he respects women and supports our rights.
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Stand with Planned Parenthood

Please take a few moments to go and sign this petition against defunding Planned Parenthood:

After months of budget negotiations, extreme anti-choice members of Congress are trying to force a shutdown of the federal government. This shutdown is not about disagreements over spending or taxes — it’s about a single-minded vendetta against Planned Parenthood and a cruel determination to cut women off from reproductive health care.

We cannot let this vengeful, narrow-minded assault on Planned Parenthood and the people we serve continue. We urgently need your action right now. Add your name to the letter we are sending Representative Boehner and his extreme colleagues today. Fill out the form at right to take action.

Federal money to Planned Parenthood and other family planning clinics goes to providing contraceptive services, sex ed, STI and HIV testing, and cervical cancer screenings. It doesn’t go to abortion – that is prevented by the Hyde Amendment. This is about basic women’s healthcare, and is truly a right-wing radical agenda.

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For Those With Vaginas

Transcript: Hello, I am a woman. I am a woman. I’m a woman. A female of the species. You can tell because of the whole vagina having thing.

Often American women depend on Planned Parenthood for medical care. It’s like doctors and stuff. Otherwise many women can’t afford basic care. Period.

It’s come to my attention-as a woman-that there are people who would like to stop funding for Planned Parenthood.

Ok. Ok. People can believe what they want. But if you’re a man who doesn’t care about women’s sexual health. Then that is duly f*cking noted. And there’s nothing less hot than a man who doesn’t care about vaginas. My vagina, for your intents and purposes, is off the table. Period.You can also click to find out more about the sexual wellness.
I’m not saying that people who oppose basic funding for women’s health care can go f*ck themselves. But, as far as I’m concerned, they won’t have any other options.

Vagina havers: Does your sexual partner support vaginas? If not, tell him how he can go get f*cked. Alone.

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Message to McCain about Rape and Choice

I haven’t talked about it much in years, but when I was in college I was raped and became pregnant, and within a short period of time miscarried. The idea that I would be forced to carry a baby to term against my will by the McCain/Palin government makes me more than a little angry. And the truth is that although I choose not to deal with this issue as though it’s something that is behind me and I’ve moved on from — that’s a real mistake in my outlook. It’s not as though I or any woman I know is suddenly safe from being raped because I dealt with the past event emotionally and overcame. This is still an issue for me and should be for every woman.

Let me refresh your memory with a clip from last night on where John McCain stands on the issue of choice and women’s health:

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