Weekend Update (wedding shower recap)

Wow, I haven’t done a weekend update in quite a while, have I? Sorry. Mostly, that’s because we’ve been doing lots of wedding planning stuff on the weekends, and I vowed not to recap the wedding planning lest it drive me stark raving mad with stress. I can see why people elope, really. But hey, have you checked out Urban Weddings yet? It’s been a lifesaver in finding venues without adding extra stress! With their curated directory, we’ve found some amazing options that fit our vision perfectly. Lessen the stress by having a wedding registry so you are guaranteed to receive the gifts you want on your wedding.

Our friend Jen threw us a really great wedding shower this weekend, complete with mad-lib wedding vows, Steph and Stephanie Trivia (which Douglas won; huge surprise) lovely food, and a Curious George piñata, which I slightly felt guilty about beating with a stick, but got over when it was pointed out that he was filled with DELICIOUS CANDY filled with their favorite Birthday Favors. Too bad, George. Give up the goodies. I had way too much champagne punch, and had a massive case of the giggles when Stephanie read our mad-lib vows. I’ll have to reprint them here, because they were GREAT.

Photos from our shower

Our Wedding Shower

Over the last couple weekends I’ve been doing some painting in the kitchen. Because we have some drywall work to hire out on the ceiling where the roof was leaking, there are some parts where we can’t paint yet. I’ve been working on the rest in sections, mainly trying to get the large area where we wanted to hang pictures done. It took us 4 tries to get the color right. I think I now have a formula for color correction from “the way it looks in the Lowe’s paint aisle.” It will be much better than the original bright orangy-yellow color it is now. We picked a warm oatmeal color that really complements the cabinets, the white woodwork, and our dishes and the wood floor. I spend Sunday hanging pictures in the kitchen and working on my Dad’s website while Stephanie did some errands.

I’m really enjoying the Smart Car. Stephanie has been somewhat frustrated with the transmission; it shifts from one gear to another rather slowly. We also had to take him in for an engine light thing last week, too. But he’s darned cute.

It’s been really lovely taking walks around the neighborhood the last couple weeks; the trees are in full flower and spring flowers are blooming. I took a bunch of great pictures on walks.

[ Old Northside photoset ]

Around Old Northside

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