Having Trouble Voting?

Source: Fast Company “Trouble voting? Call or text these 3 resources to report election problems now

Call, text, or visit these resources:

Election Protection – 866 Our Vote
This is a coalition made up of voting-rights and civil-rights groups. Its hotline is 866-OUR-VOTE. USA Today reported earlier that it expects thousands of calls before the day is over. In addition to calling the number, you can also text OUR VOTE to 97779 to report an issue.

This resource from the Pew Charitable Trusts partnered with ProPublica to monitor issues related to voter access. You can report an issue by texting VOTE or VOTA (for Spanish) to 81380. You can also report an issue to this group using WhatsApp or Facebook.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).
This is not the most user-friendly interface (few government websites are), but voters can and should report issues to the federal government, especially rights violations. The DOJ has an online form where you can file a complaint if you believe your voting rights have been violated.

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