Weekend To Dos

  • Taxes – Stephanie is finishing these up. She’s awesome.
  • Hallway painting – I’m painting two walls in the upstairs hallway where the Beetle collectible display shelves will go. This will let us finally unpack and arrange those boxes. we’ve been delaying that unpacking because we didn’t want to have to move the shelves when we got around to the painting.
  • Setting up the new server – yup. As God is my witness, I will never lose music again.
  • Replace the belt on the vacuum cleaner.
  • Take recycling to center.
  • Go to the pet supply store – for food, cat litter, Feliway.
  • Visit our friend Jill’s house.
  • Eat dinner on Sunday with Stephanie’s old skating coach.
  • Thinking about my sister’s dog and my friend’s baby.
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