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Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on SNL

In the comments on MetaFilter, posted by Naberius:

Oh my god. OH MY GOD! I see the way clear to a better future. We vote in John McCain. Then, stay with me, stay with me… we KIDNAP SARAH PALIN AND REPLACE HER WITH TINA FEY!!

She’d totally pull it off. She’s perfect. If Sarah Palin’s not standing right next to her, you’d totally believe it’s her. Once she’s sworn in, we just wait for McCain to keel over, and PRESIDENT TINA FEY!! How fucking cool would that be? Imagine a President that’s not just the best of a bad lot, but one you’re actually head over heels in love with. Like Katharine Hepburn in Philadelphia Story in love.

It’s destiny. This is why Tina Fey was born looking like she does. Her moment has come to rise up and save her country.

Wow, I see it now. The future can be so much more than this. Anything can happen. Anything at all. It’s so beautiful.

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