let’s declare war

I know there are people saying that we can’t declare war…. yes we can, and I think, reading between the lines, that that is what the President, Colin Powell, and the congress are saying we will do. If it is Osama Bin Laden, we have the ability to declare war on Afghanistan as a country that has harbored and supported him. Maybe it’s taking a bit longer to get the definitive proof, but as soon as we do… BOOM!

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yes! Bush is saying that we’ll make no distinction between the terrorists and those who harbor them. I hope that means we will wake up to find we have declared war on Afghanistan.

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I love America

American FlagI’ve said it before, but it bears repeating; I love my country very much. This is the best place in the world to live. It may not be perfect, and I may not always be happy with our government or with the way our corporations behave, but I have more freedom here than anywhere in the world, and I love everything our country stands for: Freedom, justice, compassion, self-reliance, determination and hard work. God Bless America.

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