Hanging around the house

Yup, I have the whole week off. My one thing I really need to accomplish is to come up with a site design for my friend Chi. Other than that, I can kick around for the whole week. Yay!

We spend the last several days visiting family for the holidays. We spent Christmas Eve with my mom, visited my brother’s house Christmas day, and then drove to Valparaiso to see Stephanie’s parents and friends for several days. We took the Spikel Monster with us, and he was very good. He really loves Grandpa Doug, and I think the feeling is mutual.

Today, the little man was very grumpy with me. I think he was just wanting to settle into his routine around the house again. I foiled that plot by giving him a haircut and a bath. He might be pissed at me, but he’s a cute pissed, at least, and not so much a ragamuffin. I also puttered around the house and did things here and there, which I love. I enjoying getting little things done without feeling like I have a giant list to do. There’s no pressure that way, and I get to just enjoy the sense of accomplishment.

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