I haven’t been in Friendster for a while, so I logged in a futzed around to see what they’ve upgraded lately. You know what’s stupid? Blogs on Friendster. That was really dumb addition, because the people who wanted a blog already had them set up outside of Friendster, where everyone can see them. No one wants to log into Friendster just to read a blog. What they should have done instead is set up more robust competition for Evite. That’s a feature that would actually made sense inside Friendster. You already have many of the people you want to invite to a gathering already connected. If you could create an invitation that would go to their e-mail and let you customize an invitation, like Evite does, they could have crushed evite. Kinda dumb.

I haven’t done the MySpace thing. I think I set up an account so I could read my friend Chi’s blog, but other than that, I have to much to do to keep track of social networks.

2019 update: I clearly was not predicting the rise of Facebook, was I? I had pieces of it – event planning, micro-blogging, social connection.

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Bill Monk

(original link, no longer active – | Bill Monk) is a website that helps you to keep track of who owes what between friends, but without the social tension. It looks pretty fun.

Bill Monk
Bill Monk
2022-03-15 Update:
Alas, Bill Monk is no longer. May he rest in peace. You’ll have to do your own financial friend math.
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