Young Republicans Admit Being Racist

At a weekend pep rally in Washington, a thousand college Republicans clap, cheer and party — and reveal a troubling dark side. And I quote: “How am I a closet Democrat? I’m racist, I love guns and I hate welfare.” And that’s not the worst of their commentary; read the complete article for some truly frightening shit coming from the next generation.

“But the idea of being forced to contribute to a broader civic good makes him livid. Taxes, he insisted, should be abolished. Who, then, will build things like roads? “Coca Cola should be building roads just to get exposure,” Sibeni said.”

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Neo-Nazis on MSNBC

First read this article in Salon about the freak show that is Michael Savage, then visit and sign GLAAD’s online petition to take this guy off his new show on MSNBC. Then go buy this book on The myth of the liberal media, and read why public discourse is being held hostage to right-wing corporate interests.
Oh, yeah — don’t forget to fill out Bill Frist’s Opinion Poll about the war.

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komodo dragon

And now a few words from the komodo dragon on his side of the story.

I don’t want to call nobody a liar or nothing. This is just what I know. But one thing I’m tired of hearing about is how I mistake this guy’s foot for a white rat. Komo didn’t make no mistake. I don’t see so good maybe, but I flick my tongue out I can smell this bum from three miles away. Komo knows what the fuck he doing.

So the man takes his shoes and socks off and he walking around in there in my house. The man Jay is in there too. I tell you something. I don’t want to offend nobody, but people smell bad to Komo. People don’t smell like a food. Komo like a nice deer. That’s some good eating! The man don’t smell like that, but you know I get hungry. I didn’t ask this guy to come into my house at lunchtime. Now there’s a lady with yellow hair outside and she’s taking pictures. She tells the man to move around to other side. This Komo’s bad side. This is L.A., you know. Lady should know better. So now Komo a little steamed. Komo bite the man.

Also, I’m well started on the big writing project. Cool cool cool. I’ll try to work on it more tomorrow.

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