Saint Joan of Arc

Saint Joan of Arc
Saint Joan of Arc

Saint Joan was one of my favorite childhood heroines; a teenage girl who lead the French army to victory against the British in the early 1400’s, inspired by heavenly voices. Eventually she was captured by the British and burned at the stake for witchcraft. She was canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic church in 1920. I admire her for her strength of belief, her faith in herself, and courage in the face of the worst humanity has to offer. She is not celebrated nearly as much as she should be in this world.

The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc
Now playing in movie theatres. While visually arresting, I wasn’t as satisfied with the movie. They way her visions were portrayed was a bit strange to me, and the ending had some odd moments as well. The website is certainly something to see. If you don’t have Flash 4; you’ll certainly want to download it.

Joan of Arc: The Mini-Series (now on video)
CBS has a very pretty site devoted to Joan, with pics from the mini-series and links to historical information. The mini-series was excellent and I actually liked it better than the theatrically-released movie.

Saint Joan of Arc
A good brief biography of Joan.

Joan of Arc – Gay Icon
The Gay Heroes site quickly points out that Joan wasn’t a lesbian, and was a virgin, but highlights her role model status for lesbian women.

The Museum of Joan of Arc at Rouen
On the 30th of May, 1431, Joan of Arc was burnt to death at the “place du Vieux Marché” in Rouen. Located 30 meters from the stake, the Joan of Arc Museum has been open for 45 years.

The Joan of Arc Chapel
A 14th century chapel in France, rumored to have been visited by Joan.

Saint Joan’s Armor
A story about armor rumored to be Joan’s.

Information about Joan
There are good links here, and some strange stuff about how L. Ron Hubbard and Kurt Weiland of Scientology fame are against Joan of Arc. Don’t ask me why.

Joan of Arc, the Band
Of course there’s a band called Joan of Arc, although no one in it is a girl. Don’t ask me why here, either.

Order of the Grail, Joan of Arc Commandery, Chivalry
The Order of the Grail offers Initiation into a Chivalric Order with a
legitimate Medieval lineage. Alchemical, Rosicrucian, Gnostic and
Hermetic Studies. Can’t get in here without a password.

The Library of Witchcraft’s biography of Joan
including some pictures of classic paintings of her.

A gorgeous triptych stained-glass window of Joan: Left window, center window, and right window

Joan of Arc Bust
If you can’t live without Joan, buy a bronze statue of her.

Books You Can Buy About Joan (From Amazon Books)

Joan of Arc – Mark Twain

Joan of Arc : Her Story – Regine Pernoud, Marie-Veronique Clin, Jeremy Duquesnay Adams

Joan of Arc : By Herself and Her Witnesses – Regine Pernoud

The Trial of Joan of Arc (Visionary Women) – Marina Warner (Introduction), Monica Furlong (Editor)

Joan of Arc : In Her Own Words – Willard R. Trask (Compiler), Joan (Editor)

Dove and Sword : A Novel of Joan of Arc – Nancy Garden

Joan of Arc – Josephine Pool, Angela Barrett (Illustrator)

Joan of Arc : Of Domremy – Michael Morpurgo, Michael Foreman (Illustrator)

Joan of Arc – Diane Stanley

Young Joan : A Novel – Barbara Dana

Pisan, Christina de – Joan of Arc

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